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Memorial Day Rebate Offer!


$125 Rebate Memorial Day Offer

An American Tire Depot and Wayne's Tire And Auto Repair Exclusive Promo
Promo Starts May 24, 2016. Limited Time Only.


Receive A $125 Rebate When You Use Your American Tire Depot Credit Card To Purchase The Following Qualified Tires:

A Set Of 4 (four) Continental Tires

A Set Of 4 (four) Michelin Tires

A Set Of 4 (four) Toyo Tires


Qualified purchases will receive $75 mail-in rebate from American Tire Depot and $50 mail-in rebate from CarCareOne/Synchrony* for a total of $125. Please submit your rebate forms within 30 (thirty) days of your invoice date. Failure to submit within the specified period will result in disqualification.

1. To submit for $75 American Tire Depot Rebate, submit your information using this electronic form.

2. To submit for $50 CarCareOne/Synchrony* Rebate, please print and fill in this PDF rebate form and mail to the address found in the form. Please read PDF form for instructions, required mail-in date, and other details. Please note purchases must be greater or equal to $499 (tax included) to qualify for this $50 rebate.

*CarCareOne/Synchrony is American Tire Depot's credit card provider


This is an American Tire Depot exclusive offer. This offer applies only to Continental, Michelin and Toyo tires in stock. This is an in-store dealer promotion and cannot be combined with any other American Tire Depot promotion, offer, discount or price match. All four (4) tires must be mounted and balanced; no carry outs. You must apply for the rebate within 30 days of invoice date. To apply for the $125 mail-in rebate, click on the links above. After applying online, allow both American Tire Depot and CarCarOne/Synchrony eight (8) weeks to process the rebates. Please contact customer service at 1-562-977-8565 x 1046 for assistance.



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